Ban Fracking on Historical Land

For the final unit I have chosen to revolve my message around banning fracking on historical and national land. In the first three units I wrote about the convenience or inconvenience of fracking over all, but thought for this final unit that this poster needed to be a bit more unique. After a little tampering with the posters and peoples suggestions from class I have chosen the first poster to be my final digital version.  In the poster I have tried to convey the explicit message so that voters vote against fracking on historical land, and the implied message is conveys that it would bring negative consequences.

Throughout my poster there are overwhelming points of emphasis on the aspect of things being clean which should help the voters of America realize the messages. To start, the background is a sky blue to demonstrate it’s important in relativity to the foreground to build a base for the viewer.  In the top picture of the poster the scenery is pristine, with a captivating overall look this is easy on the eyes to capture the audience’s attention. The colors are all natural earth toned colors that bring the image together by means of cool colors to emphasize what clean is. The voters will notice a clear sky to signify a clean air clean living environment for all inhabitants of the area. Looking at the grass it is a lushes green color that shows health in nature when things are clean, as they were intended to be. The mountains in the picture are colossal with a little bit of snow on the left, this is a shift in the natural cycle from winter to spring and will maintain that course in its clean environmental state. While all of that is going on in the picture there is also clear water for wildlife to enjoy as it appears to be a clean source of water. Moving on to the font under the first picture I chose a sharp and clean font to convey my explicit message. Moreover the explicit message is short and sweet to help keep the feeling of cleanliness because in our busy society short is cleaner. Finally in the bottom text I chose a clean, but bold text to emphasize the implicit message to leave a final stamp in the mind of the voters.

At the same time there are also visuals of ugliness that help bring balance of consequences for fracking on the historical land of America. From the top text of the poster, one can gather that the bold blocky font is ugly and may bring in some voters. Uniquely the question in the top text implies that what happens on your public land should be the same on public land. Going into the picture the overall feeling from it is ugly, with the bland colors such as tans and browns. Firstly the woman in the photo seems to be quite unhappy with her scowl and implies a form of ugliness in the poster. Secondly the posture of the lady with her hands in her pockets is off-putting because she appears either uncomfortable or disappointed with what she has encountered. Thirdly going back to colors the woman is wearing tan which isn’t flattering and blends in with her surrounding ugly colors. Next the colors of the background appear to be dead trees which have the color brown which is ugly because it doesn’t look to be fall. This could be a negative consequence of fracking because if there is a leak in the well it could leak out into the groundwater causing such a site. The gate is not a natural sight in the wilderness making it an eye sore to everyone that witnesses it. Additionally the well seems to be out of place as well because in public land nature doesn’t have anything to gain from the well. While the well is a water source it appears to have murky water which is not appealing to inhabitants of the land. If animals from the wilderness were to drink from that tainted water they could either get sick or die from that well water.

As can be seen there are ugly and clean aspects of the consequences for fracking on national treasures that weigh in on the voters decision. I have tried to convey my messages in the poster as best as I could through means of both explicit and implicit messages. Again my research was based mainly on fracking on private owned land, so I thought it would be a good twist to appeal to the voters to take a stance on what happens to all of our public land.


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