For the New Fracking Rules

In the United States there is a major raw material that we can’t go without and because of fracking we can be a major producer of said raw material. Oil is that raw material and we use it in everyday life to power our vehicles, generate heat, and to create common items throughout our homes. We are becoming self-sufficient by fracking our own oil and by having thousands of drilling locations the rules across the country have been scrutinized. After analyzing both sides of the debate of the new fracking rules, I have deduced that the regulations in place aren’t as restrictive, so the new fracking rules make a significant base for federal regulations.

Fracking’s new rules are a step in the right direction but can be viewed as a one step forward, two steps back method. For in the eyes of the Sierra Club the rules are toothless, even though fracking on federal lands makes up 10 percent of fracking, green groups like this rather see fracking on federal lands eliminated. Because of drilling on federal lands it creates new jobs and economic growth, so to monitor fracking has a dual purpose.The rules have been in the works for four years and the Bureau of Land Management received comments for the standards by individuals and groups amount to 1.5 million people.It seems that the new rules only total three rules because to move forward you can’t push too much on an existing action such as fracking. If more than a handful of rules would have been suggested the new rules would have been shot down before the end of its announcement.

Adopting the new fracking rules can create a structure for industry standards and especially fracking states that lack rules for drilling. Out of 36 states that have fracking only three have detailed databases so you can see what current rules have been violated. A group against the industry A group against the industryThe three states where public data is available is Colorado, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia where the NRDC has identified hundreds of violations and alleged violations issued to dozens of companies. If the other 33 states don’t act accordingly these numbers could go up tremendously but because the new rules for fracking, states can base their rules around it and might save many home owners in the process. A key rule for transparency is that the oil and gas companies have to list all the chemicals that they use on fracfocus which will help the states in their search for detailed analyses. In the past rules haven’t been strongly enforced so it is up to the states to use the new fracking rules and their own fracking rules to become swift in this manner. An example of this is back in 2011 in Texas the oil and gas companies had 96 percent of infractions that resulted in no punitive action.

Since fracking won’t be eliminated the new rules are the next best thing to hold on to until the nation decides otherwise. In my earlier debate about the new fracking rules big oil companies said that the new rules were pointless and disregard the already elaborate regulations already in place. If that were true the NRDC who have identified multiple violations by the oil companies of the current laws, hope that with the new rules change will go into effect. With that being said the government needs to maintain a swift and orderly oversight as to not miss any violations committed by the industry. Possibly in the future the new president’s administration could advise more regulations to be mandated in the course that they find some mal practice in the industries fracking ways.


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