Against the New Rules

In light of the new rules proposed on March 20th by the Obama administration, in regards to regulating hydraulic fracturing on the federal level, there are groups of people that find the rules to be unsatisfactory. I have discovered two arguments on the matter in the eyes of the environmentalists and the gas and oil companies who are against the rules. The proposed arguments of environmentalists was that the rules give the oil and gas industry concession, while the industry oppose the rules for it is just adding another unneeded regulatory layer.

big oil companies

As before the environmentalists believe that the new rules are still in high favor for the gas and oil industry when they should limit the industry. A key example of the rules favoring the industry is they have up to 30 days after completing drilling to disclose the chemicals used, and the environmentalists want the list of chemicals prior drilling. So by waiting up to 30 days until releasing the fracking fluid chemicals, and if a public health problem or if there were a chemical emergency develops near a site emergency responders don’t know how to diagnosis the problem properly . Bruce Hill a Clean Air Task Force geologist announced that “the rule does not make sensitive areas or communities off-limits to fracking, or even protect them with buffer or setback rules.”  In that case the industry isn’t limited to where they can hydraulic fracturing while some environmentalist’s such as Hill believe that should have been inserted in the rules to go into effect in June.

On the other side of opposition of the new hydraulic fracturing rules the industry shared frustration because they believe the rules didn’t accurately recognize the expansive regulations already in place across the nation. In the industry’s argument they accounted that with the new rules in place, the cost of drilling will go up $5,500 per well, to what is already averaged at $5.4 million

in total projects. The new additional amount of money to be allotted in future drilling expenses will create a shortage in return on investment and cause the need for more assets to attain the new approved regulations. A proposition of a bill was brought forth shortly after the industry’s argument to block the new rules from going into effect. And 27republicans are behind the bill; these conservatives are under the impression that the new rules are unnecessary, because the industry has regulations put into place that are working all across the country.

It is possible that the new rules could be dissolved before they go into effect, but quite possibly the motion of the rules will not be brought down by the bill. Simultaneously, the Environmental Protection Agency has been diligently attempting to test their own hypothesis to acquire a conclusion to lessen methane leaks from oil and gas including fracking wells. Considering the measures the EPA are taking, the oil and gas industry should attempt to do the same and come up with some way to lessen methane emissions to please multiple communities.


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