Consider that in the mail you receive a letter from a natural Documentary by: Josh Foxgas company to lease your land for $4750 per acre to drill for gas. Do you jump for joy and sign, or take a step back and analyze what exactly it is the natural gas company wants? In the documentary titled “Gasland” the narrator and writer Josh Fox from Milanville, Pennsylvania was asked that same very question, so Fox took it upon himself to visit neighboring communities, speak to scientists, politicians, and gas industry executives. In doing this Fox was curious of the effects that fracking had in the past decade, whether it was environmental or physiological and what can be done from this point on.

To illustrate the effects on communities by hydraulic fracturing the journey goes from as far as Utah and as close as Dimock Pennsylvania to display what the contamination of the water has done. Many physiological changes occurred after fracking; the most common of symptoms were headaches, ringing ears, disorientation, and no taste and no sense of smell. On the other end of the spectrum there was “peripheral neuropathy”, which is nerve damage that can cause tumors and is deadly.

Similarly the effects in the environment communities have to endure from the contaminated wells are negative consequences found in the documentary. There are 596 traceable chemicals used in the act of drilling, the water that gets contaminated produces glycol ether and that is a liquid chemical component of plastic. Dumping takes place in a flow back water pit and evaporation sprayers are put in the pit to spray the water in direct sunlight to evaporate, while some of that contaminated water seeps back into the ground. Due to the evaporation sprayers toxins are released into the air to create ozone hazardous air pollutants and in cycle precipitation goes into grasslands. A major contamination spill occurred in the divide creek Colorado that killed of wildlife in the water, and any inhabitants that drank from the creek.

Granted the community can only understand so much so Fox found some scientists to ask questions he thought that could be concrete for the side of the people. Firstly, we owe it to Dr. Colborn for unveiling 596 chemicals that have been found in fracking fluid. Fox then traveled to Texas on his way back home to Fort Worth where the Environmental Defense Fund disclosed that 200 tons of natural gas emissions a day where occurring from, and is higher than car emissions.

Initially politicians and gas industry executives were evading Josh Fox but with persistence Fox broke the seal. Fox spoke to the president at the Department of the Environment Protection (DEP) who stated that there had been four cases in Dimock that the water was contaminated and so they were reciprocated by means of water tanks. Fox visited eleven residents that have experienced contaminated water due to well drilling with one resident that received help. Later Fox was asked to be part of the subcommittee for a proposed bill titled FRAC act which would eliminate fracking in wells with consumable water. Based on the politicians that were being asked questions on the matter of fracking, the politicians disclosed how there had been no contaminations in the 6 states they got their statics from and one politician even added a packet that had a list of what they said were all the chemicals used in the fracking fluid. Based on Fox’s findings it seemed that the cases noted by the politicians may have not been randomly selected but handpicked.

In the end I would really hope that the FRAC act is passed so that the more people that are proposed to lease their lands don’t have to worry about their drinkable water. I’m really looking forward to the second installment to “Gasland” that has been released in 2014.


One thought on “Gasland

  1. When it comes to peoples health I don’t care how much money fraking can make people, it isn’t worth it. No one should have to worry about if their water is safe to drink, they should just be able to turn on the sink and drink their water. Peoples health should always be the many focus in all matters.


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